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Flash/AIR Apps & Games on iOS

From the announcement of AIR on iOS support, till the release of AIR 2.7 with huge performance improvements, Flash Developers across the world are continuously working to produce all kind of great apps for iPod, iPhone and iPad. So, we have compiled a list of some wonderful AIR apps for iOS so far. Some of them are also featured on AppStore.

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Quick Tip: How to check Flash Player & AIR version with AS3

Somtimes, you need to check the version of installed Flash Player and AIR in your system or on the system where you are going to run your Flash content. There are few ways to check it manually, but if you are trying to get the version with ActionScript, then see this quick tip.

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What’s New in Flash Professional CS5.5 (Videos)

Flash Professional CS5.5 is the latest update from Adobe as the time of writing this post. In this minor update, some new features are introduced and some already existing features from CS5 are improved. We have published some video links from AdobeTV which will tell you some highlighted features of this update.

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Flash on The Beach 2011

Flash on the Beach (FOTB) is an annual event which brings together all the creative people from the web community to celebrate the age of interactivity and share the wealth of knowledge through many wonderful sessions.

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Flex on Mobile Q&A Transcript

Recently, we participated in a Q&A event on Flex on Mobile was held on 18 August, 2011 and it was organized by Adobe Flash Evangelism team. It was real fun to talk to them in an informal way and getting our questions answered on various topics. So many important questions were asked and answered in this session. A full transcript of Q&A session is published inside this post.

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Book Review: Pro Android Flash

Pro Android Flash is your definitive guide to building rich, immersive user experiences on Android. Learn how to program Android smartphones and tablets with the most popular rich Internet application (RIA) frameworks for Android developers—Flash and Flex!

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Flex on Mobile Live Event (Online)

Are you looking to start developing for mobile using Flex on Mobile SDK? Have got some questions to ask to the people behind this great environment and tool? There is a great opportunity to interact with them. Join them on Thursday 18 August, 2011 at 9 a.m. PDT live online.

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Hello Flash World!

We are extremely excited to announce the very first member of fruityBLOGS family, a site about one of the widely used platforms on internet from years, The Flash platform. We’ll try our best to make this site your ultimate resource for all the Flash-related information you would like to see. Read the complete announcement to know what we will cover on this site, and how you can help us improve and serve you the best content on internet about this platform.

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