Flex on Mobile Q&A Transcript

Recently, we participated in a Q&A event on Flex on Mobile was held on 18 August, 2011 and it was organized by Adobe Flash Evangelism team. It was real fun to talk to them in an informal way and getting our questions answered on various topics. So many important questions were asked and answered in this session. A full transcript of Q&A session is published inside this post.

We are publishing the full transcript of Q&A session of Flex on Mobile event. Stay tuned as we will go through all of these questions and will publish a summary of the whole session in this post very soon.

1. Phantom: Can I use AIR 3.0 for a production release?
Piotr Walczyszyn: AIR 3.0 is in beta now so it is not production ready yet.

2. Carlos Martins: Is it possible to launch a Local Notification from a air app running in background on iOS?
Greg Wilson: Not yet Carlos – new stuff coming soon.

3. Jon: Any info on packaging native code with Android / Playbook apps?
Greg Wilson: Nothing we can share yet Job – but soon.

4. iBrent: I’ve heard you can use FMS or Cirrus to make a P2P connection then hand-off the connection to the Flash/AIR clients. How is this done exactly? In other words, over LAN I can connect with NetGroup and all that stuff, no server required. How do I do that with FMS/Cirrus and save bandwidth?
Michael Chaize: Exactly. Using FMS or Cirrus, you can enable a “Rendez-vous”, an authorization for using P2P between Flash/AIR clients (and leveraging the RTMFP protocole). Cirrus is a free service but you cannot use it for commercial products. You should also look at LCCS (LiveCycle Collaboration Service), it’s a hosted service by Adobe, and you can enable P2P ! (and you pay per usage, it’s not expensive)

5. Kristopher: One hurdle I’ve encounter: trying to leverage Flex’s data/view persistence while also using an IoC container like Parsley or Robot legs. Any suggestions?
Holly: Hi Kristopher, yes, you can, I have a recent blog post talking about using parsley with data here (http://devgirl.org/2011/08/09/flex-mobile-development-passing-data-between-tabs-part-2-includes-source/), and another one on handling data that might be helpful – http://devgirl.org/2011/05/18/flex-4-5-mobile-data-handling/

6. Don Kerr: Spark component roadmap for mobile? What’s next? dataGrid? what are top priorities at Adobe to add next and when?
Jason San Jose: We have not publicly talked about the spark component roadmap (mobile or otherwise) for the next release. There isn’t a public prerelease to sign up for yet. Stay tuned.

7. TAnta: Will the Apple store accept apps developed on Flash AIR?
Christophe Coenraets: Yes, there are already a number of apps on the Apple app store… see PolitiFacts for instance

8. Brandon: Is there currently an API for accessing contact lists, specifically on iOS?
Michael Chaize: There’s no API today to access the contact lists.

9. Matthew: is there a spark comboBox in the works for Flex?
Kevin Hoyt: In terms of mobile, combo box UI is generally dealt with by presenting another view (iOS) or a dialog with the options (Android). From a UX point of view, better to go with those. Though we’re always working to add more components.

10. art: When will developing a Flex mobile app be as easy and pleasant as developing a desktop Flex app?
Mihai Corlan(privately): What do you mean?
Paul Trani: Yes! VERY easy. Download Flash Builder 4.5 trial and check it out or see some videos on www.adobetv.com Easy peasy!

11. Chris: What specific mobile and tablet OS can Flex be deployed to?
Greg Wilson: iOS (iPhone3Gs, iPhone 4, iPad, iPad2), Android 2.2 or higher and BlackBerry Tablet OS

12. athorel: Have you a release date for advanced mobile components ?
Michael Chaize: We haven’t shared any date about the release of new mobile components. The next update of the framework will introduce new components for mobile and tablet apps. You can try community libs today such as Eskimo

13. Francisc: In terms of speed of Flex Apps: Can we expect the framework to be faster and faster on present devices, or there is a more realistic hope to wait for devices to become even faster? Basically, are the plans and solutions to speed up the Flex Mobile Framework given today’s devices?
Mihai Corlan: The teams are working on making the framework faster and faster on existing devices. Look at AIR 2.7 release for example. Of course in one year we will have more powerfull devices and this can only help.

14. Lance Korsun: Whats the best way to take a photoshop comp in to flex for mobile development?
Holly: Hi Lance, the best way is to export it to FXG to directly use it in your application

15. GregWanjama: Is there a difference in the kind of apps we can develop in Flex for Mobile, as compared to eclipse and…say android sdk?
Greg Wilson: There are some differences, but for many apps, you can do it in Flex. The IDE for Flex is Eclipse-based. The resulting app will run on iOS, Android and BlackBerry Tablet OS.

16. Ricardo Faria: When will it be possible to launch Android Notifications with Air API?
Holly: Hi Ricardo, Yes, it will be possible coming soon, can’t share exact details yet.

17. Tac: What is the best way to display a list of data in a flex mobile app? ? datagrid? datagroup?
Mihai Corlan: For mobile the best way is to always use the most optimized component . Having to pick one from your list I’d say . List has built-in support for virtualization and if you don’t go crazy with the item renderers it will work just great.

18. Mudit Tuli: can I publish content/apps for android from Flash ide ?
Kevin Hoyt: Absolutely! Flash Pro CS 5.5. supports publishing for both Android and iOS.
Paul Trani: Yes you can! Super easy! Publish iOS and Android apps.

19. Chris: Thanks Greg – is this range increasing?
Greg Wilson: Yes – it will – nothing definate yet.

20. Eugene Tjoa: I made a very simple app, basically just containing a list. A tester with iPhone 3GS found that it was very slow. What is your experience of performance on iPhone 3GS?
Piotr Walczyszyn: It should perform well on 3GS already, when you are comiling your application remember to use Standard packaging method instead of fast. Fast runs in interprester mode and it is good only for debugging.

21. joseluis: what about the new kindle cloud reader… ti looks like flex, is it?
Greg Wilson: Not sure about that – where did you see something that looked like Flex? I’d like to see

22. damir: can you explain if the speed improvement is also valid when using as3 in 4.5.1 project ?
Holly: Hi Damir, yes you will see an increase in speed an performance when using as3 over MXML

23. 420Colorado: what about the 20mb limit on downloading IOS apps over 3g?
Michael Chaize: Today, on iOS, you have to embed the AIR runtime within your mobile app. Apple doesn’t authorize having a separate runtime on the store. That’s why you have a minimum size of 5Mb. That said, your mobile app shouldn’t be too heavy. 20Mb is already a lot ! Most of Flex apps I’ve seen are around 10Mb.

24. Francisc: Can you disclose future support for other Mobile Operating Systems?
Jason San Jose: No, we can not at this time.

25. Kristopher: Adobe TV is a great resource for introducing friends of mine to the power and ease of Flex mobile dev. Any plans to add short how-to videos we can use to evangelize? Love NJ’s 10 min mobile dev video, but it’s way out of date now and doesn’t match the final release of Flex/Flash Builder
Christophe Coenraets: We are all shooting videos for adobe tv today!

26. Matthew Fabb: When might we get another Open Iteration Meeting from the Flex team to get some info on Flex 5? It’s been a while since the last one
Michael Chaize: The Flex team told me yesterday that there will be a new “tour” right after MAX of this year. I also guess that they will share a lot of information at MAX.

27. Dave Ferguson: What are the advantages of using Flex for mobile instead of something like jQuery Mobile / Phonegap?
Piotr Walczyszyn: Ease and speed of development, on device debugging, profiler and also whole power of Flash for highly interactive content.

28. Sri: Does the device need an additional runtime to run Flex mobile apps?
Christophe Coenraets: On Android you currently need the AIR runtime, on iOS, we link the runtime libs into a self-contained app

29. Carlos Martins: Thanks Greg – should we wait for that notification API for this year?
Greg Wilson: Can’t share any dates yet but… “soon”

30. Chris: Thanks Greg – so currently, I cannot build a Flex app for a Blackberry smart phone?
Greg Wilson: No – it’s for QNX only so only the PlayBook currently…although, QNX phones are coming I think

31. Kristopher: @Holly: I’ve read your posts, but your post that deals with Parsley doesn’t use data persistence and you post that deals with data persistence doesn’t use IoC.
Holly: Yes, this is true but using those two posts you can get an idea of how you might combine the persistence and the use of the framework. Others have asked about this, I’ll try to whip up a sample for my blog

32. TAnta: Does AIR provide native acceleration? If so, can we get an approximate figure on the speed increase percent?
Greg Wilson: I assume you mean GPU accelerated graphics, right? Yes, it’s coming – no metrics on performance, but from what I’ve seen, it’s crazy fast

33. Taras 2: are you working on new advanced Spark components with mobile skins for the next release, such as calender, color picker or a Tree?
Jason San Jose: We are working on components and skins for the next release. Those details however are not yet annoucned publicly. Stay tuned.

34. iBrent: Anyone tried bringing in mobile Flex components into a Flash CS5.5 mobile project? Does it work well?
Kevin Hoyt: You can do it, but it is tricky – you’ve got to remember that Flex works off a very specific component lifecycle, where other assets you create in Flash Pro don’t care. What is it you are trying to accomplish?

35. Russ Ferguson (asciibn): Eskimo is nice. but i wanted to see things like switching between cameras on android
Michael Chaize: Switching between cameras is today possible on iOS and the PlayBook. On Android, it will be possible in AIR 3 (new feature)

36. jeff: Air on linux no way ?
Greg Wilson: Unfortunately, no

37. Phantom: It is safe to use StageWebView for AdMob?, I heard sometimes your ads get suspended.
Greg Wilson: I’m not sure – maybe someone here knows?

38. Taras 2: also, should we expect some new mobile view layout components for phones and tablets similar to the Android Fragments API?
Ryan Stewart: Most likely

39. Francisc: Is it possible to place interactive content that goes beyond the height of the ActionBar? Like a dropdown in the navigationContent.
Mihai Corlan: Not without changing the height of the ActionBar. Behind the scene the action bar uses three Groups (for the title, action, and navigation content). Take a look at how ActionBarSkin is working to better understand how it works.

40. RJ: We have an existing Flex 4 application which utilizes flash.text.TextField to dynamically load and render text. These TextFields utilize classic flash SWF fonts which are dynamically loaded on demand and registered with the flash runtime as required. We would like to port this application to IOS, however we are unable to load them when the application is built in “release” mode. However, “debug” mode works properly. Is it possible to create an IOS targeted Flex application that loads classic SWF fonts dynamically?
Mihai Corlan: On iOS you can’t execute code downloaded. So I suspect what you see there is related to this limitation.

41. art: I mean that there’s a lot of stuff I can do in mxml for desktop Flex that is really powerful, that I’m supposed to use Actionsctipt for when I do mobile dev.
Jason San Jose: Not necessarily. We use ActionScript skinning as a catch-all term that means optimized layout, FXG optimized graphics, TextField-based text, etc. You can still use MXML, but depending on your use case and usage you might not get optimal performance.

42. GatorEye: Can you give any insights on the differences/pitfalls in developing for Nook vs. Android mobile (aside from lack of camera/gps). Are there certain things we should handle differently?
Raymond Camden: GatorEye – I’ve only done one Nook app, and the only issue I ran into was working with the different resolution. I set up Flash Builder so that I could run a similator with the right specs and that helped. I also had trouble with the usb connector but thats not Flex of course. In general though it just works.

43. Chris: Re; question —- so currently, I cannot build a Flex app for a Blackberry smart phone? —- the answer disappeared from the window and i didnt get to see it (please can you repost) – Thanks
Paul Trani: You can develop for the BlackBerry Tablet OS only.

44. iBrent: Thanks Michael, did we determine if the token (or whatever it is) that identifies each client, is something we can access and pass along in our own way?
Michael Chaize: For more information about P2P, you should read this blog. This is the P2P bible http://www.flashrealtime.com/

45. CG: Is it possible to add a new calendar entry on an iOS device?
Holly: Hi CG, this will be possible with native extensions when they are available soon currently there is no direct API for this

46. steve t: what frameworks do people suggest using for games and for other “business” apps? PureMVC, Mate, etc.
Christophe Coenraets: Swiz, Parlsey, RobotLegs, Mate, …

47. Francisc: What kind of logic should be placed in NavigatorView? Would a local SQLite DB connection be considered best practice? What else?
Mihai Corlan: NavigatorView is the class that handles the stack view and data persistence. I wouldn’t mix business logic with this. I’d keep the SQLite DB stuff in data access object (maybe a singleton ).

48. Danny Kopping: Is it advisable to start targeting the new AIR 3.0 beta with Captive Runtime? Or should I wait for the full release?
Ryan Stewart: I’d wait until the full release. And in fact I think that there is a watermark right now that shows up when using captive runtime in beta.

49. Don Kerr: In Flex 3 we had a nice visual style editor. Then it went away. I love the new spark skinning. But, I’d love to see a visual style editor for them. Is that possible since it uses primitives?
Jason San Jose: I don’t know of one in the works. For people who haven’t seen it, Don is talking about this Flex 3 example http://examples.adobe.com/flex3/consulting/styleexplorer/Flex3StyleExplorer.html

50. Sunil Ratada: How we can perform Data Push on Android phone ?
Kevin Hoyt: This can be acconmplished in a number of ways. At the lowest level, there’s Socket. Building on that you have either Data Services if you want to run the server/infrastructure/integration. If you prefer a cloud solution, and depending on your needs, LiveCycle Collaboration Service is great for push as well. Keep in mind that in the mobile world, connectivity may come and go.

51. Cengizhan: Air next to the windows phone?
Greg Wilson: Nothing definate yet

52. Tac: Can you point out more tutorials for mobile apps besides the 5-minute one? I’ve been working my way through SurveyApe trying to understand it, but I really appreciate Adobe’s tutorials, especially being new to Flex/Flash.
Holly: Hi Tac, have you tried using the Adobe AIR Launchpad app yet? It’s a tool that can generate AIR mobile code to help jumpstart your dev’t, go to http://labs.adobe.com/airlaunchpad and download for free. Check out these blogs for more tutorials as well -> http://corlan.org/, http://blogs.adobe.com/jasonsj/, http://www.riagora.com/, http://devgirl.org, http://coenraets.org

53. Eugene Tjoa: Piotr: Related to my iPhone 3GS performance question: I used Ad Hoc package. Isn’t that correct? The options you mention I don’t see.
Piotr Walczyszyn: Yeah Ad Hoc is the right mode. In your list did you use LabelItemRenderer or IconItemRenderer?

54. 420Colorado: when popView back to the previous view, how do you make it return to the same spot in a longer list, rather than popping back to the top of the list
Ryan Stewart: You can override the createReturnObject function from the view that is calling the navigator.popView with the selectedIndex you want and then just have the list load that selected index on the View.ADD event.

55. James C: Why do you have different AIR implementation on all different mobile OSes? iOS, Android, Blackberry Tablet OS
Holly: Hi James, it’s not that we have different AIR implementations for them, it’s just that the native OS’s are differenet in the way that they handle things. The AIR APIs themselves are the same across the platforms.

56. Francisc: Piotr, I think ease and speed are a bit better on the PhoneGap side, especially considering the new build.phonegap.com.
Paul Trani: Ease and speed in development or use? Either way I would say PhoneGap is fast for a web developer and Flash Builder is fast (and faster in my opinion) for Flex Developers. If you’re talking performance then know Flex mobile components run like butter.

57. iBrent: @Kevin, I think things like spark List or other swipe enabled components would be nice in Flash projects
Kevin Hoyt: I think Green Sock Throw Props solves most of that problem nicely in the non-Flex world. I agree that there’s a huge need for a non-Flex list (virtual scrolling, implicit paging) and have seen a couple people try and start such a beast. Nothing formal yet. Seems like a great place for the community to step up.

58. GregWanjama: Are there any plans for Flex mobile support on Qt and Bada?
Jason San Jose: We can’t talk about future operating system support at this time.

59. Danny Kopping: Thanks @Ryan – I know it might be hard to say, but is there any publicly available due date for the full AIR3?
Ryan Stewart: Nothing public yet, but it’s soonish

60. Tom Rice: Will Flex be able to use the Android Open Accessory standard? …does Kevin have anything working with the Arduino ADK?
Kevin Hoyt: Haven’t gotten my hands on the ADK yet, though I believe this will be possible in the near future with some features we’re considering for a future release. #vague

61. Francisc: What else can be scrolled besides list that is optimized for mobile.
Christophe Coenraets: You can put any components in a Scroller

62. Mudit Tuli: can I publish the same app for iOS and Android, or there are some constrainsts ?
Piotr Walczyszyn: Yes you can publish the same app.

63. Jamie McDaniel: Will Tour deFlex be released on iOS?
Michael Chaize: Yes it will. I’m working on it. I still need to fix few details

64. Chris: Say I develop a mobile app targeted to iOS, how do I get that app deployed onto my client’s hardware? – without iTunes?
Jason San Jose: You should be able to do this according to Apple’s Enterprise Program http://developer.apple.com/programs/ios/enterprise/.

65. Francisc: So Scroller is mobile optimized?
Jason San Jose: Yes

66. Ricardo Faria: Do you know about any “Android textView marquee” label component for Flex Mobile?
Greg Wilson: Not that we know of. We’ll try to have more product mgrs next time that can answer that one.

67. Lance Korsun: How would I go about “preaching” to java developers (for portal / websphere/ etc.) that I can create portal type apps in flash — or is that even possible?
Christophe Coenraets: Take a look at Mosaic… a composition framework for Flex. Also look at Modules and sub-applications

68. Tac: what is the difference between and ? I’m often trying to do something that works in one but not the other
Kevin Hoyt: Not quite enough to go on there, but s:View would generally indicate the View class in the Flex SDK. The components:View would generally indicate a View class that you’ve created. Alternatively, you may have made a “components” namespace in place of using the “s” namespace. When dealing with the Flex SDK components, I’d suggest sticking with the “s” namespace.

69. Kenton: Any plans for gesture support in android browser flash player?
Greg Wilson: none that we know of – it’s tricky because the browser gets the gestures and they would have to be sent to the player.

70. Jon Tetzlaff: The google maps api on AIR has quite a long initialization time. Is there any fix for this coming up soon?
Michael Chaize: We are aware of the Google Maps issues. I saw some workarounds on the web, but we’ll share some information with you very soon about the correct and optimized usage of maps inside your mobile apps. (with great performance)

71. Danny Kopping: Cool, thanks again @Ryan. I haven’t tested this out yet – so excuse my ignorance if this is a stupid question – but is there a full webkit-based browser in AIR mobile like in AIR on the desktop?
Ryan Stewart: No, on all mobile platforms we just use the native version of webkit with StageWebView.

72. TAnta: Will iOS’ native payments and the push notification service be supported by AIR?
Greg Wilson: Nothing announced yet – but stay tuned

73. joseluis: the app is invoked via the safari browser, you can link it to the ipad desktop and it can be invoked locally in later use. The l&f is similar to other flex apps
Greg Wilson: .

74. Sunil Ratada: How we can perform Data Push on Android phone ?
Greg Wilson: Are you talking about data push with blazeds/lcds? If so, yes

75. Dennis: I know it isn’t currently possible but are there any work arounds for enabling local/push notifications with AIR
Greg Wilson: There is for Android – James Ward (jamesward.com) blogged about it a few months ago. Better support is coming for all platforms

76. Francisc: Flex Components are fast, but they aren’t as fast as Native (which is normal for how young Flex Mobile is). I don’t know how fast PhoneGap is though. Thanks.
Mihai Corlan: Fast is a pretty relative term. For example if we talk about Flex List components you can have List that scrolls with 40 fps +. So what I think is that Flex it is already pretty fast for many scenarios even on mobile

77. Phantom: Any good tutorial for making custom ItemRenderers for Lists in AS3?
Piotr Walczyszyn: Checkout Mihai’s blog: http://corlan.org/2011/07/11/creating-flex-mobile-lists-part-ii-using-virtualization/

78. Jeffry Houser ( www.flextras.com ): Why don’t Flash Builder Mobile Library Projects have access to the Mobile Theme Skins by default?
Jason San Jose: Hey Jeff. What’s that bug number. I thought we had that open.

79. Peja: When is Air 3 , the full version, released?
Greg Wilson: Just on labs currently – not released yet – soon

80. mike: what would be the best way for a company to distribute an app privately to employees (13,000)
Greg Wilson: Hey Mike – Yes – Apple has an enterprise license available that will allow you to have an internal “app store” so you can distribute apps to employees, etc. More information at http://www.apple.com/iphone/business/resources/

81. 420Colorado: Just want to say that Launch Pad for flex mobile is excellent way to learn Flex Mobile!
Greg Wilson: We agree!

82. iBrent: @Jason San Jose, since we can’t talk about future operating system support, are we going to support OS/2 Warp anytime soon?
Greg Wilson: Don’t forget BeOS support!

83. joseluis: The reason about this question is because I would like to deploy my mobile app via the browser, is it possible?
Greg Wilson: Only with enterprise licensing (I think)

84. Don Kerr: Are you envisioning Flash Builder/Edge integration? “Run As HTML5″ or swf?
Mihai Corlan: I don’t thing you can really put an equal sign between Edge and Flash Builder. Edge looks more like Flash Catalyst to me

85. art: Will all current Spark components be mobile-optimized?
Raghu Thricovil: We will mobile optimize spark components that make sense in the mobile paradigm. This means a subset of the current components + net new components that make sense only on mobile

86. Sunil Ratada: When does Native support available for Android , iOS anf BlackBerry?
Holly: Hi Sunil, I’m not able to give you an exact date but the native extension support will be coming very soon

87. Francisc: Could you please tell me if it is considered best practice to connect to an SQLite database in the main application and from each View do something like FlexGlobals.topLevelApplication.theDatabase etc?
Christophe Coenraets: Consider using a dependency injection framework instead

88. Danny Kopping: Can Flex modules be used on iOS? I know there’s some crazy LLVM black magic going on that converts everything to AOT compiled code – does this apply to Modules?
Greg Wilson: Modules can’t be used unfortuntaely. iOS doesn’t allow any external code to be loaded.

89. Kenton: Is gesture support in android browser not available because the flash player? Or is it a shortcoming of the Plugin API? If it is the plugin API is there any issue I can vote on?
Michael Chaize: I think it’s due to a browser limitation, it’s not due to the FP.

90. Chris: Can charts be used on mobile? What is there performance like? Do datatips still work?
Christophe Coenraets: Yes they can… see the MobileDashboard sample app on my blog… also look at MobileTrader for custom-built charts

91. Jon: What solutions are there for long-running operations that are difficult to split into async chunks, such as file compression?
Greg Wilson: Hey Jon – we are working on some enhancements to Flash Player that will help with this. Nothing I can talk about yet – but stay tuned.

92. Don Kerr: Why introduce Air 3 beta watermark now? Not cool really.
Ryan Stewart: How is it not cool? We haven’t released AIR 3 yet.

93. Francisc: getElementPreferredHeight() vs. getLayoutBoundsHeight() vs. getPreferredBoundsHeight()
Piotr Walczyszyn: getElementPreferredHeight() – this comes with MobileSkin and return prefferred heigh
getLayoutBoundsHeight() – returns actual height
getPreferredBoundsHeight() -returns preferred height which may not be actual

94. Adam Lehman: What’s a good build to tranistion to after a proxy push on TvP?
Michael Chaize(privately): You should ask the Flash Builder PM
Ryan Stewart: Vikings or Marauders. They’ll tear through voids and Stalkers which is where a lot of toss will go.

95. Eugene Tjoa: I tried both. In the end I wrote my own AS itemrenderer that contained just two StyleableTextField instances. I may check someone else with a 3GS.
Greg Wilson: .

96. Peja: Is there a way to switch the Done/Enter button on the IOS softkeyboard to “Next” when using several textinputs?
Holly: No, currently there is not an API to access the keyboard to update it in that manner

97. Jeffry Houser ( www.flextras.com ): @Jason IThis is the bug; https://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FB-30945 I is marked as closed, though.
Greg Wilson: .

98. RJ: @Corlan – Is there any way that you can think of that would allow the user of external classic SWF fonts on IOS? (dynamically loaded)
Mihai Corlan(privately): Let me talk with our engineers and see if there is a solution. If it is part of the no code execution for downloaded code then there is no solution I’m afraid. This is a limitation that comes from Apple. Drop me an email about this

99. James C: I mean, the model which you have for iOS (Ahead of Time Compilation and Bundled AIR) is perfect and also you get high performance with that. Why not using the same model for Android and BlackBerry Tablet OS?
Michael Chaize: iOS is a very special one… For Android, there is a new feature of AIR 3 called “captivate runtime”. http://www.tricedesigns.com/2011/08/10/air-3-0-captive-runtime/ It will just embed the runtime… That’s it

100. luisrey: Exist an “Adobe Academic Program” like a http://us.blackberry.com/ataglance/academic/students/ ?
Greg Wilson: There are a few things – see http://gregsramblings.com/2008/05/07/students-and-teachers-get-adobe-flex-builder-pro-free/

101. Fred: Today something is really mission on iOS, it’s the notification push. Is something scheduled about that ?
Ryan Stewart: Yeah, you’ll be able to do notifications with native extensions when AIR 3 is released.

102. Nate: Any plans to let air iOS talk to external hardware?
Kevin Hoyt: Last I checked, Apple is pretty closed about this in general themselves. Even something like the Square credit card reader is actually taking the mag-stripe data, turning it into an audio signal, anbd then passing it through the headphone jack to their application, where it is decoded into the actual data. They go that route because Apple is closed on hardware extensions.

103. Virat: whan will we get android native support in flash builder 4.5?
Holly: @Virat it’s coming soon, we cannot give exact dates on this as of now but coning in the near future

104. mike: Is there documentation on how divide the List Component into sections with dividers?
Holly: Hi Mike, if I understand what you’re asking, you could use a custom item renderer to do this. Check out Jason San Jose’s blog http://blogs.adobe.com/jasonsj/ – and there will be an Adobe TV video coming soon on creating a custom item renderer by our teammate Piotr as well

105. Eugene Tjoa: Any chance that the phone emulators also emulate performance?
Greg Wilson: Not really – not a trivial things to emulate

106. Chris: Do titleWindows, alerts and pop-ups still function in mobile apps?
Christophe Coenraets: Look at SkinnablePopUpContainer

107. 420Colorado: Try using the new Map Quest mobile API instead of Google Maps for iOS, works better and loads faster!
Greg Wilson: ESRI is another good option

108. Dennis: cool that’s good to know
Greg Wilson: .

109. Carlos Martins: Is it possible to load different skins on runtime, detecting the current mobile platform? For instance iOS skin on iOS and android skin on Android?
Christophe Coenraets: yes @media (os-platform: “ios”) and then set the skinClass style

110. Kenton: Is there any plans for creating a seperate UI thread? I think it is a long term requirement for silky smooth apps
Jason San Jose: Last year at MAX, Deepa (Flex PM) talked about some research we’re doing into supporting concurrency. AFAIK, that’s the extent that we’ve talked about publicly.

111. Sunil Ratada: When does Native support available for Android , iOS anf BlackBerry?
Greg Wilson: “soon” – sorry that’s all we can say

112. iBrent: What happened to USB controller support in AIR? That was a cool demo Kevin Lynch did at MAX last year. (And don’t say roll-your-own ANE).
Greg Wilson: Remind me – what was the demo? There is USB mass storage support in AIR (throws an event when a USB drive is attached).

113. Phantom: Can we encrypt the .swf on the .apk file?
Piotr Walczyszyn: You should be able to obfuscate it but don’t think there is an option to encrypt.

114. Taras 2: what’s the latest on licensing api for mobile apps?
Greg Wilson: it’s coming – nothing announced yet

115. Virat: whan will we get android native support in flash builder 4.5 or later version?
Jason San Jose: Can you clarify what “android native support” means?

116. Eric Pascal: When will thread support be included ?
Greg Wilson: Nothing we can announce yet – but work is underway

117. Chris: Thanks Christoper – without opening up FB, I guess thats a yes then
Greg Wilson: .

118. GregWanjama: Is it possible to execute network (service provider) ussd commands from within a flex mobile app?
Greg Wilson: We have socket support and UDP support – would that work? What’s the usecase?

119. Fred: Will a pre-realease program for air 3 be availlable ?
Michael Chaize: AIR 3 beta 2 is on labs.adobe.com. But there is also a private pre-release program for AIR 3. The name of the program has changed to “Flash runtimes”.

120. steve t: I’m just starting a mobile game using as3isolib. Anybody have any performance issues? tricks? I’m getting some performance lag on the iPad1 (have not tried it on Xoom or iPad2 yet) when i touch on an isoSprite. When I click an isoGrid the performance is great, but the isoGrid is just for testing. Anyone familar with isolib? Lee Brimelow has some great tutorials on it.
Greg Wilson: none of us are familiar – and lee isn’t here – sorry . Maybe ask in chat pod?

121. Francisc: Can you change the speed and inertia of the Mobile List component?
Greg Wilson: Not currently – but more control is coming in next release

122. GatorEye: With the H.264 encoding coming in FP11 (thank you!), would this be available in AIR to allow H.264 encoding of the video from a phone’s front/rear camera?
Michael Chaize: I didn’t try but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. Wouldn’t it be nice ? Video chat with H264 quality.

123. Dennis: i made a simple app that attempts to test for stageVideo on the iPad2 and i noticed that there are no “stageVideos” available. I wrote it in a way that would use the Flex VideoPlayer component in its place. Is stageVideo supported on the iPad2?
Jason San Jose: StageVideo isn’t supported in AIR mobile in the latest official releases. It is however on labs in AIR 3 http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flashplatformruntimes/air3/

124. Chris: Do programmatic shapes (e.g. FXP type paths) function in mobile apps?
Christophe Coenraets: Yes, take a look at MobileTrader on my blog for an example of charts built using fxg
Jason San Jose: I assume you mean FXG instead of FXP. MXML Graphics (spark.primitives.*) are supported at runtime. FXG is a compile time asset.

125. Francisc: I understand you cannot disclose features and dates, but is it possible to at least know a rought timeline for new things? Will it be this year at least?
Greg Wilson: There are a lot of new things coming this year – that’s all we can say

126. Alex Sink: Any suggested tips for optimizing for mobile? Can you get accurate metrics from using the profiler?
Greg Wilson: Hey Alex – that’s a big question – there are some articles on some of our blogs about different tips, etc. Profiler will help for sure.

127. Øystein Wika: What’s in the pipe for getting HTMLLoader and StageVideo to work on iOS?
Mihai Corlan: WebStageView (which is kind of HTMLLoader) is already available on iOS with the current version of AIR 2.7. StageVideo is coming in the next version of AIR.

128. Chris: Is it possible to call, invoke or interact with other [Flex] apps on a mobile device? – E.g. could one app in a suite launch another?
Piotr Walczyszyn: With the current release you cannot launch other Flex/AIR apps, but you can launch other none-Flex/AIR apps that have custom url scheme, checkout my blog post: http://www.riaspace.com/2011/08/defining-custom-url-schemes-for-your-air-mobile-applications/
LocalConnection may also work but this should be checked.

129. Fred: Will it be possible to specify the kind of keyboard to use in iOS. Mean email keyboard, normal keyboard..
Greg Wilson: I ran into this same need – there is work underway – nothing announced yet – but it’s a known issue

130. 420Colorado: Christophe – So the @media query detects the device and then skinClass pushes that style to the particular devices and that’s it?
Christophe Coenraets: using media query you can set skinClass conditionally based on the platform detected

131. Kenton: Is there a webkit bug tracking nsplugin touch events in mac? Is there anything we can do to make gestures work in browser on anything other than Windows?
Greg Wilson: Sorry Kenton – none of us are sure

132. Eric Pascal: Will Camera be able to attach to StageVideo component, to do augmented reality applications?
Michael Chaize(privately): Salut Eric. Aucune idée pour l’instant, je vais demander à Thibault…

133. shi11: how transparent are embedded runtimes? will the user know that its an Air app?
Piotr Walczyszyn: I user goes into the app installation folder can discover that this is an AIR app because runtime is included, checkout my blog about: http://www.riaspace.com/2011/08/bundling-air-3-runtime-in-air-desktop-applications/

134. Kyle M: Is there any plans for adding the HP webOS to the supported mobile development?
Christophe Coenraets: We are working on webOS but don’t have a specific date yet

135. art: Will there be a Flex update shipped at Max?
Michael Chaize(privately): Usually we share our roadmaps at MAX, launchung an update is something else

136. Francisc: Did Apple do awful job at the way you can test applications on their devices? Actually wait… that’s not a question.

137. emb: Is there a way for us to use the native “share” functionality? Like if I had a photo app and wanted to be able to share an image created within the app through email, facebook or whatever?
Greg Wilson: Not yet

138. damir: can you please explain which container to use for 2d graphics in vector, like lines etc
Mihai Corlan: Sprite seems like a good choice for this

139. Gunda Dileep: how to access blutooth in andriod mobile phone app?
Michael Chaize(privately): Today, there is no API for BlueTooth in Adobe AIR. I guess that native extensions will help.

140. Landon-TCI: I know best practice is to have an event listener for Event.DEACTIVATE so the app stops when a user switches to something else or hits the Home button on Android. However, I’ve found that even the screen locking on an Android device will cause that event to happen. Is this as expected?
Mihai Corlan: I think it is kind of expected. Once you lock the screen you move away from your application. In terms of best practice to close your app; I don’t think it is a hard rule. It all depends on how your app is used.If the user will move back and forth between your app and others then maybe you should’t close it on event.deactivate.

141. James C: I have been dreaming about testing Stage3D on my Android device, you guys shown us first demo of Molehill at MAX last year. Its been almost a year and we haven’t got anything to test on mobile yet. Don’t you think you guys are going little slow?
Greg Wilson: It’s getting closer – but no date yet. It is taking a little longer than we would have liked, but we need to get it right. The internal prototypes are incredible so it will be worth the wait

142. Francisc: Are there plans to make a series or articles about building a more complex application with the Flex Framework? In my oppinion that would be most helpful for learning Flex in the Mobile environment.
Holly: @Francisc, have you looked at these at all? http://www.adobe.com/devnet/devices/samples.html … we are all working on more mobile content including videos and blog posts currently as well

143. Tom Rice: Will ADT support be added to the suite of Flex Ant tasks?
Greg Wilson: Not sure – sorry

144. Carlos Martins: when will you support googleTv?
Kevin Hoyt: That might be a better question for Google – when is Google TV getting an application store? There’s a huge pile of money on the table for applications on the television, and who will get the lion’s share of that. Applications on television are coming along, but there’s still a long ways to go in the industry.

145. Nate: Any plans on when AIR mobile will support connecting to third party hardware (such as a credit card scanner)
Greg Wilson: There will be a way soon to do this – nothing announced yet

146. Chris: Are there any features in Flash Builder 5 or the next SDK that you can tell us about re: mobile?
Mihai Corlan: No!

147. 420Colorado: what does native support mean?
Greg Wilson: I think most people are wanting the ability to write native code for a specific feature and then integrate it into their Flex app – something that we’re working on and coming soon

148. Kenton: Is the performance for iOS better than Android because of the compile ahead? Has any format comparison been done?
Mihai Corlan: I don’t know of any tests on this. They should be pretty close supposing the hardware is identical. Not fair comparing iPad2 to Droid one ;D

149. iBrent: Can anyone speak to StageCraft development? Is that something we as individual developers get access to for TV development?
Greg Wilson: None of us are aware – but there are others we’ll try to invite to our next event that can speak more about it

150. Dennis: I’m interested in what adobe is doing with the molehill project. Is Adobe working on any 3D modeling tools to help build 3D assets?
Paul Trani: I can’t say that we’re making a 3D app or anything. Especially since there’s some great ones already out there like Away3D. We work with them and as long as they fill that need there’s no need for us to jump into that space. But if there is a need we’ll be there.

151. Sunil Ratada: As I heard we need to write JAVA and C++ code for Android and iOS respectively if we want to use native support when it will be available. SO please tell me how to communicate AS with this JAVA and C++?
Ryan Stewart: We’ll have a lot more information on native extensions later this year, but there’s not a lot we can share in terms of details at the moment.

152. Ricardo Faria: Will Air 3.0 Suport NFC?
Greg Wilson: Does your device support it?

153. GregWanjama: Can I use flex to build html5 mobile apps?
Christophe Coenraets: You can integrate Flex and HTML5 apps. Using StageWebView on Mobile, you can also render HTML(5) inside a Flex app

154. Jamie McDaniel: I like the StageWebView and it’s drawViewPortToBitmapData() method. However, I have had to use short timers whenever I change the viewPort or call loadURL() before taking the screen capture. Is that the best way to do that since there is no event like RENDER_COMPLETE?
Mihai Corlan: You have an event complete that tells you that the last URL or HTMLText was loaded.

155. iBrent: @Greg, the cool driving simulation with the steering wheel and another one with like an XBox controller…
Greg Wilson: Ah ok – that’s coming soon. No dates yet

156. Nate: Sounds like there is a lot of exciting stuff coming to mobile guys Keep up the good work!
Paul Trani: Thank you!

157. Kyle M: Is there a running list of Flex apps on iOS that we can reference for inspiration?
Holly: @Kyle check out this list of mobile samples and tutorials here: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/devices/samples.html

158. Taras 2: would be nice to have a community generated list of future mobile components we could vote on to see them in the next release. are you open to that?
Mihai Corlan: You can already do this; Just go the http://ideas.adobe.com choose Flex SDK and post a feature request (component request) and then ask all your friends to vote for it. Simple isn’t it?

159. Kenton: Any plans for hardware acceleration of 2D drawing?
Greg Wilson: Absolutely – if you look on youtube for “adobe molehill 2d”, you’ll see some killer demos. Molehill/Stage3D is for both 3D and 2D. I’ve seen demos with 5000+ sprites moving at 60fps!

160. Francisc: There is no point to do HTML5 apps with Flex. If you want HTML5, use PhoneGap or Appcelerator.
Greg Wilson: .

161. Virat: is their any plan to release Flash Player & Adobe Air for Android 2.1 ?
Mihai Corlan: Nope. We said that will work on Android 2.2 or newer with hardware using ARMv7 or newer.

162. Jon: @Chris: on Playbook you can use File.openWithDefaultApplication()
Greg Wilson: .

163. damir: What is the right container object used to draw runtime 2d vectors like lines, rectangles, circles etc ?
Piotr Walczyszyn: You can use Sprite or FlexSprite if you want

164. Jon Tetzlaff: Is there any plan to support native notifications on Android?
Greg Wilson: Yes – nothing announced yet

165. Gunda Dileep: can any one share me tuto about peer to peer mobile applications…..
Kevin Hoyt: Our very own Tom Krcha has a tutorial on the topic … http://www.flashrealtime.com/basics-of-p2p-in-flash … I prefer our own Renaun’s tutorial using the Hydra P2P AS3 library. The library abstracts a lot of the ugly details and makes it easier to get started … http://renaun.com/blog/2010/09/multicast-messaging-example-using-hydrap2p/

166. Virat: can you suggest any specifc framework for mobile application?
Holly: @Virat many of us use a framework with our mobile application development and tend to use the dependency injection ones most such as Parsley, Swiz and RobotLegs

167. Chris: What are the [recommend] methods for connecting to remote data? with particular interest in working with ColdFusion – can I reuse existing CFCs?
Christophe Coenraets: Yes RemoteObject works fine

168. Tac: Thanks for the tip about launchpad, looks very interesting. I created a simple project, I’m getting a warning about undefined property ‘state’ (in the auto-orientation). Wanted to make sure I’m configured correctly.
Holly: What version of Flash Builder and the Flex SDK are you running under?

169. Nate: The native extensions support that is coming, does that including calling external object C libraries?
Holly: @Nate Yes

170. GregWanjama: @Greg, I’m in Kenya, and mobile payments are bid around here…I want to build an android app that can access the mobile money app embedded in my sim card. Is that even possible?
Greg Wilson: I don’t know enough about it to know. YOu can use the file api’s to open files on the sim card, but I assume that it’s more than just that. You might need the ability to extend your app with some native code to do it.

171. Virat: i mean architecture like pure MVC or any other ?
Holly: Right, I dont use Pure MVC myself, but there’s nothing preventing you from using a framework in your mobile applications.

172. Francisc: Hi, Holly. I didn’t look at all of those, no, but I was referring to step-by-step ones until we get our wings
Holly: @Francisc what types of things are you looking for a tutorial on specifically? I might be able to better point you to something or will blog on it. I have a series of mobile articles coming to ADC soon on Flex Mobile Dev’t as well. Have you seen Jason San Jose’s blog, he has a lot of in-depth tutorials with item renderers and DPI that are really helpful as well -> http://blogs.adobe.com/jasonsj/

173. Keith: Is there any support for handwriting recognition?
Michael Chaize: Nope. There are some cool opensource libs (in Java and C) for handwriting recognition, so it can be a nice usecase for native extensions.

174. iBrent: @Kevin Hoyt, what’d you do during your sabbatical? Did you achieve Enlightenment?
Kevin Hoyt: Ha! Thanks for asking – I had some personal medical stuff to attend to but other than that, I took an RV out with the family for two weeks, and spent the rest of the time sitting on the deck with a stogie and a book.

175. Matthew Fabb: Can we get another Q&A for Flex mobile after Adobe MAX? As a lot of the anwsers seem to fall “we can’t talk about it yet”, which I imagine will be different after MAX?
Mihai Corlan: Sure thing. Just make some noise so we know you really want

176. Dennis: outside of mobile, is there any chance that flex will have better apis for SEO or integration with SWFAddress (like what was done with SWFObject)?
Mihai Corlan(privately): Dennis, there are two parts on the SEO: do whatever it takes in your application to suport SEO and then have the search engines actually index your app. The first part is already possible in Flex; the second part has still room to improve

177. Jon: Are UDP and/or ServerSockets now supported on mobile in Air 3.0?
Mihai Corlan: We can’t talk about this yet.

178. Sunil Ratada: Sometimes devices returning wrong DPI so at that time how we can decide the actual DPI?
Jason San Jose: You can specify a RuntimeDPIProvider on your application to customize how DPI is determined.

179. Mark 2: I’ve noticed that many Android apps include widgets to display content on the home screen. Is it possible to create and package a widget with flex mobile?
Jason San Jose: No

180. 420Colorado: What exactly does a framework such as Parsley or Swiz do? Is it similar to the framwork provided by Launch Pad?
Piotr Walczyszyn: Parsley and Swiz are micro architecture frameworks mostly giving you depenedency injection, MVC or MVP patterns implementation.

181. Peja: I have heard that flex mobile developers can optimize the performance by avoiding mxml files and code some of the code in pure actionscript, is that true and in what extent?
Jason San Jose: Yes, this is true. Here’s some info and links to presentations http://blogs.adobe.com/jasonsj/2011/06/developer-week-slides.html

182. mike: when loading an external SWF is it better to use the SWFLoader or to use a Class?
Kevin Hoyt: While I don’t have any performance data to share, I generally prefer to use a class. Also note that on iOS loading SWF content at runtime can be problematic if there’s any code in the loaded content – it won’t run as it hasn’t been compiled for iOS.

183. art: Will I be able to create Flex mobile apps with Flash Catalyst?
Paul Trani: Not really. None of its components are mobile optimized and would mean a big change up in the app. So it won’t support mobile development at this time. Your best bet is to make your own assets in a graphics program, or better yet, with AS3.

184. Jonathan Campos: Is there anyway to enable 3D ui support from a flex app for some of these 3D phones? Yes, I get 1star ratings because my UI isn’t “3D enough” on their phone
Jason San Jose: AFAIK, 3D APIs are device dependent currently. HTC has their own SDK to support this on top of Android.

185. Tac: Very jazzed that json will be supported in Flash 11 / AIR 3. Will Data Services be able to do introspection and create a class, like it does for XML?
Mihai Corlan: i dont’t think we announced anything around this. But you can go to http://ideas.adobe.com and log a feature request and vote for it and ask other to vote for it :0

186. Chris: What APIs can Flex access – e.g. geo-tagging capabilities, email and calendar (iOS)
Michael Chaize: Geolocation, accelerometer, Camera, Camera Roll, StageWebView… A lot of features by default are available. http://www.adobe.com/products/air/features/

187. iBrent: @Francis, I’ve got some beginner tutorials online…course I’d love to share that at MAX this year… *cough* *cough*
Greg Wilson: .

188. Dave Flatley: Is it safe to use Pixel Bender filters with mobile? Any reason they can’t be embedded?
Piotr Walczyszyn: AFAIK Pixel Bender doesn’t work on devices.

189. Jon: @Keith: can be done in AS3 too. Google for Didier Brun.
Greg Wilson: .

190. 420Colorado: how on earth can I generate a map with clickable routes generated from poly lines?
Kevin Hoyt: Have you tried the ESRI ArcGIS mapping? They recently released an update that support Flex Mobile nicely.

191. Dennis: thanks paul. is it safe to say that molehill/stage3D will be mobile ready when officially released?
Paul Trani: Stage3D will work on mobile but it’s all about the devices performance. So Stage3D will be ready to work on mobile devices but I don’t know if all devices will be ready for it. That being said, I have some 3D content on my phone right now and it works great! But mobile is a priority for all Adobe groups FYI.

192. Kevin: Is there a way to shutdown (kill) an app running in iOS?
Holly: Hi Kevin… so by default the app is not going to exit on iOS, it’s going to suspend to the background. The AIR NativeApplication.nativeApplication.exit() will not do anything to change this on iOS. There is a flag called UIExitOnSuspend though on iOS that you can set in the descriptor that will cause your application to completely exit instead of suspend. I have a blog post about this here: http://devgirl.org/2011/06/24/exit-vs-suspend-your-ios-application/

193. Francisc: Holly: I did read most of JSJ’s blog, great articles, I know my itemRenderers from there. What I mean is articles about applications that mimic real-life needs. Sure TwitterFeed and EmployeeDirectory are nice, but they make use of standard components, no extending, confortable. I’m talking about an app that’s supposed to work with SQLite data from a larger database and so on. It is still a bit blury to me what I should and shouldn’t do on a mobile Flex app.
Holly: Ok, I understand and will keep this in mind for some future content. The general rule of thumb is to stick with or only extend the components that are mobile optimized when building your application. You can use the same general rules on extending components as you did with Flex 4 just keeping in mind that you should always use the optimized components.

194. johnlindquist: Any tips for “ViewNavigatorApplication” and “creationPolicy” throughout the app? I’ve noticed lag moving between the Views of our app if the ViewNavigatorAppplication.creationPolicy is not set to “all”.
Christophe Coenraets: You can also play with the destructionPolicy attribute on each View

195. Mark 2: I was using a tutorial to familiarize myself with twitter APIs -http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/articles/twitter-trends.html. It’s a great read, but is there a way to use flex data services and authenticate with OAuth?
Mihai Corlan: You can use Flex services and authenticate with OAuth. Check Ryan Stewart’s post: http://blog.digitalbackcountry.com/2011/02/using-oauth-for-twitter-authentication-on-the-blackberry-playbook/

196. Francisc: By the way, you should move Steven Songrunden to the Evangelism team, he’s been amazing on the forums, providing much needed light in times of darkness.
Paul Trani: Noted. Thanks Francisc. Good feedback!

197. GregWanjama: Can flex mobile access sim applications embedded by the network operators?
Mihai Corlan: Right now Flex mobile apps can’t access any other installed application. We are working on a way to let people iteract from within the AIR mobile app with the OS or other apps.

198. Kristopher: @Piotr: Pixel Bender filters do work on mobile provided you don’t have GPU rendering turned on. However they are extremely slow.
Piotr Walczyszyn: Ok, sorry thought they were disabled.

199. Sunil Ratada: Can we make socket connection with mobile app?
Christophe Coenraets: Yes

200. damir 2: Can you please explain the right way to make 2D graphics?
Greg Wilson: Can you be more specific?

201. Jon: Some features, such as GPU/CPU, Touch mode, SoftKeyboardBehaviour, are global for the whole app. Any plans to make them local to components?
Mihai Corlan: What is the use case? Can you log a feature request on http://ideas.adobe.com ?

202. luisrey: Flash builder could interact whit c++ or MathLab modules?
Mihai Corlan: yes, it could. You can extend Flash Builder in the same way you can extend other Eclipse based products. There is a public API. http://blog.digitalbackcountry.com/2011/02/using-oauth-for-twitter-authentication-on-the-blackberry-playbook/

203. Tom Rice: Does AIR for TV fall under the “Mobile” SDK, or the standard SDK?
Michael Chaize: The “AIR for TV” SDK

204. David Welden: Just a suggestion on the mobile examples that would be useful. Take an existing Flex app that was optimized for desktop and then demonstrate how to optimally rearchitect that app to be more device independent in it presentation, the alternatives and tradeoffs.
Kevin Hoyt: Great idea. Time consuming to do well, but great idea. In general, I’d suggest to build mobile first. Which in this case sounds like it might translate as “start from scratch without thinking about the desktop version that already exists other than the features you might want to provide.” Even then, you risk feature bloat on mobile (smartphone). It really is a whole different beast.

205. Sunil Ratada: If possible then please provide me the some links which demonstrate the socket connection with mobile app
Piotr Walczyszyn: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/FlashPlatform/reference/actionscript/3/flash/net/Socket.html?filter_flash=cs5&filter_flashplayer=10.2&filter_air=2.6#includeExamplesSummary
Michael Chaize: Check also this blog: http://www.flashrealtime.com/

206. Francisc: Kevin: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flash-builder/articles/mobile-mapping-app-arcgis.html
Kevin Hoyt: Yes, thank you. I also saw a nice video recording of the latest ArcGIS for Flex in action. Looking great. I’m a big fan of ESRI over the other providers, though I’d like to see a more approachable API for the beginner (which I bug their engineering team about regularly).

207. HD Interactive: When can we expect to utilize iOS APIs like GameCenter and In-App Purchase in Flash Builder for mobile apps?
Holly: Hi there Those APIs *will* be accessible with native extensions coming soon!

208. Jon: Are there any known limitations to using the captive runtime, i.e. things we cant do then?
Piotr Walczyszyn: No limitations, only in case of iOS you cannot load external swf’s that contain action script. Everything has to be compiled AOT.

209. iBrent: When is Flex going to output HTML5? That’s where all Adobe products are headed, right?
Michael Chaize: Well, it’s already the case ! It outputs an HTML5 page… with a SWF inside.

210. Tac: @holly: I’m running 4.5.1, 2.6 SDK, I assume. My app won’t be out for a bit, and I’m using JSON, so I’m wondering if I should just dive into AIR3?
Holly: Hi Tac, so you’re getting a error in your generated project when you import it into Flash Builder? Please post details or a screenshot to the AIR Launchpad forum (http://forums.adobe.com/community/labs/airlaunchpad), this shouldn’t happen and I have not seen it but will check it out! You should feel free to download the AIR 3.0 Beta from Labs as well and check it out -> http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flashplatformruntimes/air3/

211. Eric Pascal: Is there an example of dynamic SWF loading working on iOS (i.e. SWF without code)?
Michael Chaize: As long as there is no code, it works.

212. Francisc: Is there no other way to test Flex Apps on devices (again, TEST) without going the whole length of getting files from Apple and paying the developer anual fee?
Jason San Jose: Not officially no. Maybe if you jailbreak? Disclaimer: Not encouraging jailbreaking.

213. Peja: Is using static variables an reasonable alternative to using dependency injection framework? Seems to be easier and perhaps better performance, any obvious pitfalls for that?
Christophe Coenraets: You create tight coupling between components… components are harder to reuse, test, etc…

214. GregWanjama: Can flex mobile access sim applications embedded by the network operators? Please guys…I’d really like to know…
Greg Wilson: Are you asking if you can write an app to remove the apps? That’s not possible without root access

215. engorila: will flex improve the performance using GPU?
Michael Chaize: The Flex SDK team is always choosing the best mode (CPU/GPU) to get the best performance. Since AIR 2.7, it looks like the CPU mode is great enough.

216. Phantom: Will FB will be patched when AIR 3.0 is released out of beta?
Piotr Walczyszyn: I don’t have any specifics on this one, but always you can overlay Flex SDK with new AIR SDK.

217. dimitri_k: Have you any tips to reduce the size of a big SQLite database (100mb) used in a tablet app (mostly text for a reference app)?
Michael Chaize(privately): Désolé Dim, on est sec sur celle là

218. iBrent: Any plans to add Touch emulation in adl?
Greg Wilson: We’re not sure on that one – we’re hoping

219. Jon: Any “gotcha’s” on using multiple ViewNavigators to emulate Honeycomb fragments? Were ViewNavigators meant for that?
Jason San Jose: Just make sure to implement your own back button handling.

220. Jamie McDaniel: @Mihai Corlan, Yes, the StageWebView has the COMPLETE event. But what I have noticed is that if I immediately perform the bitmap capture on that event, the page will often not be rendered. To fix the issue, I have either added a short 100ms timer, or tried to use JavaScript to basically generate a RENDER_COMPLETE event that it passed to Flex via the LOCATION_CHANGE event. I think that is probably the only way to do it, but I was just wondering if any of you had tried to do alot of advanced stuff with the StageWebView.
Mihai Corlan: Ok, now I got you. I think your solution is quite OK Don’t see any better way.

221. dimitri_k: Can we chose in iOS not to have the native text input be overlayed on a flex textInput, in order to style it and complete control on it ?
Jason San Jose: read-only text yes, editable text no.

222. João Saleiro: When will we see the keyboard working in Full screen Flash Player (browser) applications ?
Mihai Corlan: It is the same behavior we have on desktop (browser). It is a security risk to let people type in while the FP is full screen.

223. Russ Ferguson (asciibn): here is a way to deal with OAuth in flex mobile :http://cookbooks.adobe.com/post_Accessing_a_OAuth_secured_API_via_Flash_Actionscri-18036.html
Michael Chaize: I know this nice Oauth sample for the Twitter API. http://icodesnip.com/snippet/actionscript-3/twitter-authentication-with-flex-mobile

224. johnlindquist: I noticed a difference between iOS (iPad 2) and Android (Xoom) when redrawing during a touch event. iOS required a “stage.invalidate()” in the handler to redraw in-sync with event while Android worked without a stage.invalidate. Are there any other differences between iOS/Android like that that I should be aware of?
Jason San Jose: I talk about some of those platform differences here http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/articles/mobile-skinning-part3.html

225. Dennis: In my experience, whenever I want to take advantage of components my first thought is to start a flex project, which in most cases makes sense. However, sometimes I would like to use Flash Pro for certain projects but the components aren’t on par with the flex versions (in my opinion). Is there any effort being put in to improve the Flash Pro components?
Mihai Corlan: I’m not aware of any effort. And as you said, Flash Pro is all about being a blank sheet so you can create whatever you want. The good thing is that in the end you can mix custom components created in Flash Pro with Flex projects.

226. darklite: I have been considering starting to build some apps using Flex/Flash for mobile but the last time I saw a flex app (air 2.6) running on a droid (evo) it was quite laggy (lag between views, animation were choppy). This was also the case with the tour de flex app using AIR 2.7. Does AIR 3 address a lot of these performance issues?
Greg Wilson: AIR 2.7 addressed a lot of those issues already – far better. AIR 3 will go even further. Def worth another look

227. Kyle M: Any recommendations on Flex with barcode scanning for mobile devices?
Kevin Hoyt: There are a few AS3 barcode utliities out there, and I’ve see the Zebra Crossing library running on Android, though the processing demands were very high (e.g. bye, bye battery). I think an intent (Android) would be the way to go. Leverage what’s already on the system. We hope to have features to help out there in the future. http://code.google.com/p/zxing/

228. engorila: When Flash builder 4.5 integrates Adobe AIR 2.7?? Actually FB 4.5 has Adobe AIR 2.6 no?. Thanks!
Greg Wilson: For iOS, it actually uses 2.7 for packaging. Ah – you are talking Android..sorry. Have you tried it with the latest Flex SDK (4.5.1)? Is there specific things that you found slow?

229. Francisc: Don’t you guys want to go home?
Michael Chaize(privately): “E.T. go home”
Mihai Corlan: I don’t. My wife wants

230. Jon: Is it better to install FB into Eclipse or the Android tools into FB? Recommendations?
Andrew Trice: It is a personal preference. Install into whichever environment your are most comfortable.
Mihai Corlan: I think it is easier to install the FB as a plugin on top of the Adroid tools.

231. Damir 2: 2D graphics guys, do you get my questions?
Piotr Walczyszyn: Can you be more specific?

232. James C: When you release new AIR SDK, we have to do some tricky stuff manually to use it with Flash Builder and Flash Professional, Why not giving us a better way to add new AIR SDKs to our IDEs? Like some SDK Manager inside Flash Builder and Flash Pro to manage different SDKs.
Greg Wilson: Yes – we share the frustration. There are plans to improve this
Mihai Corlan: I can double this

233. Damir 2: The best practice to draw 2d primitives in runtime
Piotr Walczyszyn: just use drawing API, it comes with Sprite: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/FlashPlatform/reference/actionscript/3/flash/display/Sprite.html?filter_flash=cs5&filter_flashplayer=10.2&filter_air=2.6#graphics
If you are using Flex u may also want to use FlexSprite class

234. iBrent: when overlaying a new AIR SDK, and then testing via USB on Android, I often get a warning saying “Do you want to update your device…” for the new runtime, I click yes, and it runs fine. But each time I test, it continues to prompt for a runtime update. What can I fix in Flash Builder to stop this? Seems like the SDK overlay requires a few more changes…
Greg Wilson: We’ve seen the same thing occasionally – we know of no workaround, but product mgmt is aware.

235. dimitri_k: Is the best practice to display text with clickable links to use html in StageWebView? (with the limitations like no loading of ressources like local images sadly…) ?
Andrew Trice: You should be able to load any html string in StageWebView, and that can be created locally. This would be using the stageWebView.loadString() method

236. Jon: Good job on MUSE by the way!!! Would be really cool if it was open source (or at least part of it) so we can all learn & re-use
Mihai Corlan: Wouldn’t be great to be able to pick up what products should be open source

237. Peja: Is there a way to make an air desktop app look like a debugversion in FB? (looks better)
Andrew Trice: Not sure I understand the question, can you be more specific?
Michael Chaize: What do you mean ? You can export a mobile app as an desktop app by the way. Export Release Build > AIR for desktop in Flash Builder

238. art: Will we get some tablet-specific application templates?
Greg Wilson: very soon – several new containers/navigators coming

239. mike: I have an external SWF with code being imported into an app through a loader Class. It rund on my Android. Will the SWF runon an iOS device?
Mihai Corlan: If you package the SWF together with your application (so it is not loaded at runtime from a remote server) it should work.

240. Damir 2: like using graphics.lineTo …
Piotr Walczyszyn: exactly

241. João Saleiro: Will Flash Player (debug) be released for mobile, so that we can *at least* get debug info on the RTEs (that we can then send to a logging framework) ? Right now it’s impossible to locate RTEs that happen when the SWF is running on a phone.
Mihai Corlan: We haven’t announced anything related yet

242. Peja: @Michael Yes, but they don’t look the exactly same. Different font and other small differences.
Michael Chaize(privately): Hmmm… interesting. I’ll check that… I guess that’s because FB emulates some devices resolutions and screen DPI. Have you tried without the applicationDPI parameter ?

243. VeryAngryBear: I read about native extensions in AIR 3.0. To extend the functionality of AIR Mobile using modules written in native code. Will one be able to actually write, for example classes in Objective C and use them in AIR?
Greg Wilson: Yes

244. art: Max soon?
Greg Wilson: :X

245. Kevin: Question on event when rotating phone and going from portrait to landscape and visa versa. The orientationChanging event is firing but any code I have in the handler is not running until after the orientation is done. The effect of this is that the portrait state looks squashed in landscape until it pops to landscape state. Is there any way to control what is being shown during rotation? (This is happening on iOS app)
Holly: So you are definitely using the orientationChanging and not orientationChange event? Do you see this on android as well or iOS only?

246. Damir 2: So which display object to use to draw 2d primitives in most fast way
Piotr Walczyszyn: Sprite is the most low level class so I recommend using it

247. James C: Are there any plans to have some Gaming development frameworks like Box2D integrated in the Flex SDK?
Michael Chaize: The Flex SDK is focusing on Enterprise apps. If Adobe decides torelease a Gaming SDK, then I don’t think it would be within the Flex SDK but it would be a separate project.

248. alaguvel: does flash player runs on the android 2.3.3 opera browser?
Greg Wilson: we have no idea – not really a Flex question Easy enough to test though

249. Damir 2: I know flex doesn’t support all as3 graphical objects
Piotr Walczyszyn: You probably refer to MXML graphics, but this is different then usign drawing API on Sprite

250. Peja: @Micheal, I have tried but didnt get exactly same look as the emulator. Thanks for the answer.
Michael Chaize(privately): Funny. I’ll ask the AIR team to understand what’s happening

251. Russ Ferguson (asciibn): is G.711 audio compression for telephony going to be included for air 3 on mobile
Mihai Corlan: Nothing to comment on this for now

252. VeryAngryBear: Any change of being able to grab the device ID – or at least a unique identifier, doesnot have to be the device id or mac address, in AIR 3.0 (for iOs / Android) ?
Holly: I was trying to research this a bit… I don’t see anything specifically in the APIs yet that will do this but it will be possible through native code when that capability is available.

253. dimitri_k: @Andrew Trice: yes, using the StageWebView and loadString is what I do. I was wondering if there was another way to have text with links without SWV limitations…
Greg Wilson: You know about the location_changing event, right? You can capture a hyperlink click and use navigateToURL to open in app or swv.loadURL to load new content. This might not be what your’e asking

254. Phantom: I encountered an annoying bug using StageWebView, when I click a link it opens the webpage in the native browser, and when I go back to my app, it shows the viewport of the StageWebView totally blank. How can I fix it?
Greg Wilson: You will need to capture the LocationChangeEvent.LOCATION_CHANGING event on the webStageView object and then use NavigateToURL to load the new page.

255. João Saleiro: Can I use Air to turn my smartphone into a portable brewery ? Can you please add that on the next version?
Raymond Camden: I don’t believe we’ve publicly spoken about the Brew API yet. Wait for MAX.

256. iBrent: Will there be muppet on muppet violence this year at MAX? I think Flash can take HTML anyday…
Mihai Corlan(privately): LOL

257. Francisc: Thank you everyone. This was nice and helpful. I’ve got to run.
Mihai Corlan: Ciao and thanks!

258. art: Does AIR 3 target iOS5 & IceCreamSandwich or will we need to wait for AIR 4?
Andrew Trice: AIR 3 will work with currently available Android and iOS builds. It should work, however you should definitely test yoru app features. They will not be officially supported until iOS5 and ice create sandwich are actually released.

259. CML: 3rd attempt to have my question replied, is there a way to get a unique Hardware ID number, like DeviceID or IMEI in iOSes and Androids?
Mihai Corlan(privately): Can you email me mcorlan@adobe.com ? I think we are working on something like this but I want to double check…

260. James C: @mchaize – Ok, I think Adobe should think about a releasing a Gaming SDK since we have got Stage3D in Flash and AIR now, and Flash is always known as a great gaming platform… so It would help alot
Michael Chaize(privately): I agree.

261. Phantom: Yes I do that, and it opens the webpage but when I return to my AIR app it shows a blank screen. :S
Greg Wilson: You may have to just reload the stageWebView on your ViewActivate event.

262. Osh Evans: What sites/communities do you suggest we should use to get answers to debugging/implementation questions? (not getting much response from forums.adobe.com (e.g. http://forums.adobe.com/thread/880643?tstart=0)
Mihai Corlan: stackoverflow is pretty good.

263. Jon: Anyone know a good IRC #channel for Flex/Flash/Air devs?
Greg Wilson: Not that we know of – but maybe we should create one now that this event has proven to be a hit

264. João Saleiro: In Flash Player for Mobile (browser), is it possible to disable the default gesture for zoom? I want my application always with the same size, I don’t want the user to be able to zoom. How to achieve that?
Greg Wilson: Is it zooming the html page or the swf itself?

265. Phantom: Alright I will try.
Greg Wilson: .

266. Damir 2: What is the difference between Sprite and InteractiveSprite?
Michael Chaize: I guess you’re talking about the InteractiveObject class that can handle mouse events ? http://help.adobe.com/en_US/FlashPlatform/reference/actionscript/3/flash/display/Sprite.html and http://help.adobe.com/en_US/FlashPlatform/reference/actionscript/3/flash/display/InteractiveObject.html

267. Tangent: I am developing Flex mobile application using Google Map, while the code’s browser counterpart runs fine, Google Map took more than 20 seconds to load up in Android device or emulator. During the time, the CPU utilization is 100%, I wonder if anyone may have a solution to the problem.
Raymond Camden: This is a know bug with the Google AS code – give me a minute and I’ll try to find the solution. It’s VERY easy to fix.. here is it: http://code.google.com/p/gmaps-api-issues/issues/detail?id=2750#c57

268. VeryAngryBear: Is there any way to apply transitions or effects on stageWebView ? The only thing I managed to do with it is to show/hide it…
Mihai Corlan: We can do whatever you want Capture a bitmap of the current content and then apply transitions effects on that bitmap…

269. dimitri_k: Is there any way to upload to the App Store with Windows (I know I can debug/test/run, but it seems the uploader is mac only…)
Michael Chaize: Unfortunately, you have to borrow a MAC for five minutes to submit your app. Indeed, the very last step to submit an app on the Apple Store requires an app that only runs on MAC OS. Or you can use a VMware image… Yep… open open open

270. Jon: @Greg re IRC: only if you guys are there
Greg Wilson: of course
271. João Saleiro: Greg: the application is using 100% of the width and height of the webpage. When the user does the zoom gesture, the application zooms in. Is there a solution for this on the Flash side, on the HTML, or there’s no solution whatsoever ?
Greg Wilson: Try setting the viewport meta tag to now allow zoom. That will prevent zooming of the html page itself. SOmething like:

272. darklite: for AIR3 game development, would you recommend using copyPixels as the best way to render display objects?
Mihai Corlan: There is no definitive answer to this question. For example, as far as i know Circ was developed using display objects and still it gets up to 60 frames per second. So the answer is test your code and depending on what you get choose one way or another…

273. Damir 2: OK need to draw 10 000 vectors hope flex will handle it …
Piotr Walczyszyn: You may want to look at Stage3D api, it also allows you to do 2D graphics and it can handle big load.

274. iBrent: How many questions are left?
Greg Wilson: 5 more minutes

275. João Saleiro: This is not a question, it’s more a *PLEASE FIX THIS*: in Flash Player mobile applications, if the user long-presses a “key” (for example, to write a number), two characteres are being written: the one where the number is, and the number itself…
Michael Chaize(privately): Wow… do you know if there is a bug reference number for this one ? I can push it internally

276. James C: Flex apps are slow than pure AS apps on mobile, don’t you think the rendering of Flex Apps should be changed to gain some more performance. Like, generate the layouts in vector, take a snapshot and use the bitmap until there is change in the layout. Interacting with single bitmap is faster than so many vector objects. No scaling of components required in most of the apps, so it makes sense. I did some tests and it works. What do you say guys?
Greg Wilson: i’ll share this with engineering and product mgmt (they are getting a copy of this transcript)

277. mike: Mihai Corlan thanks for the reply. Is there any way to get around an external SWF running on iOS in the app. Or is there anything in the works to have this happen?
Piotr Walczyszyn: This is not a limition of AIR runtime, this is an Apple license contract.
Mihai Corlan: as long as the loaded SWF doesn’t have code that must be executed it will work. the limitation is coming from Apple.

278. luisrey: could i save all this chat?
Greg Wilson: I will post it on http://flex.org/ask later today

279. Kevin: Holly, yes. I was handling orientationChanging event. I have not tested it on an android phone just on a iPhone 3GS, It is more noticable now because I put a BitmapImage on the view and it distorts for a millisecond before it disappears.
Holly: Ok, interesting, that was working ok from when I last tested but it’s been a bit. What version of Flex SDK are you using? I’m going to check it out again and will file a bug if needed.

280. VeryAngryBear: Is there any way to have a varible, type of object, point at it’s parent object? Like performing a reverse for / in ?
Mihai Corlan(privately): don’t understand the question

281. Ryan: When is the next session?
Raymond Camden: Nothing officially scheduled yet. We wanted to see how this one went. When we do decide, it will be blogged, tweeted, etc.

282. Damir 2: is the Actionscript Mobile Project speed also improved in 4.5.1 ?
Michael Chaize: It depends on the runtime at the end. AIR 2.7 is faster than AIR 2.6 (much faster, even for pure AS3 projects)

283. johnlindquist: What are the most impressive Flex apps currently available on the appstore/market that we can show to clients to convince them AIR is the right solution?
Kevin Hoyt: “Impressive” is in the eye of the beholder, and to be fair, AIR may not be the right solution for every project. AIR offers great portability/code reuse, which can mean significant cost savings, reduction in time to market, etc. But if you’re only interested in iOS, and know Objective C, then AIR may not be right. Evangelists tend to be pretty pragmatic about it. IMHO, one of the things that AIR really excels at is in building applications without creative limitations. Bringing out your brand canbe front and center, visualizations you want to perform are more approachable, etc. than with stock SDKs on either iOS or Android.

284. João Saleiro: Michael: keep this private: http://prerelease.adobe.com/r/?de994b558071412493eb8f26121517e7
Michael Chaize(privately): thx

285. dimitri_k: Are other Adobe evangelists jealous of M_Chaize powerpoint presentations crazy sexiness?
Raymond Camden: I’m more jealous of Adam Lehman’s slides. They rock.

Open Questions (35)
286. Francisc: Paul, he asked “WHEN” not “IF”.
287. GregWanjama: Thanks, Greg.
288. Francisc: Thank you.
289. Francisc: Sorry… what is the difference between getElementPreferredHeight() vs. getLayoutBoundsHeight() vs. getPreferredBoundsHeight().
290. Virat: i mean access to contacs, bluetooth, internet….etc
291. Virat: @Holly thanks
292. Virat: @Mihai Corlan thanks
293. Francisc: Thank you Greg.
294. GregWanjama: big
295. damir 2: is that hard?
296. Francisc: Isn’t there a song about that, Paul?
297. Tom Rice: @ Michael ahhhh…. lol, thx
298. Francisc: Thank you, Piotr.
299. James C: When you release new AIR SDK, we have to do some tricky stuff manually to use it with Flash Builder and Flash Professional, Why not giving us a better way to add new AIR SDKs to our IDEs? Like some SDK Manager inside Flash Builder and Flash Pro to manage different SDKs.
300. Francisc: Thank you Holly. Much appreciated.
301. Francisc: I know, but even that is a bit tricky, plus the losing of waranty etc.
302. Francisc: Thanks.
303. Francisc: He’s really great at explaining, patient and he really really knows his Flex. (NNTR) Thanks.
304. iBrent: Who is Paul Train, and is he any relation to Paul Trani?
305. Damir 2: How to draw 2D graphics in flex mobile?
306. Francisc: Haha!
307. johnlindquist: I have a font embedded in CSS and used in a ButtonBar skin. It works fine when I launch with ADL, but then breaks (switches back to Times New Roman) when compiled and run on the iPad. Any ideas of how to fix this?
308. CML: What’s the best way to open pdf documents in Android devices? StageWebview works for iOSes
309. darklite: Will we still have to set android flash apps to explicetely use GPU w/ AIR 3?
310. CML: Guys, how do you open PDF documents on an Android device? Default is downloading it. However in iOSes works great using stagewebview. Any workarounds for this?
311. darklite: @ryanstewart, can you offser any advise in my upcoming battle against mrmg?
312. Damir 2: OK, so for vector 2d I go with Sprite the same I do in as3?
313. David Welden: I have also seen the “squashed” redraw problem with Charts. Figured it was a problem with my code
314. Osh Evans: OK thanks… Would anyone have any good resources/tutorials for how to specify the meta data within the app store (languages, supported devices, etc.) – the ones that come from the binary, not the submission form?
315. Damir 2:
316. Tangent: Raymond, thanks a lot,wow!
317. João Saleiro: Michael: I haven’t yet searched the bugbase for this one, but I will
318. Damir 2: thank you guys!
319. Kevin: Holly. SDK 4.5.1 Thanks.
320. James C: We really appreciate your time, and we would love to see more sessions like this with different teams and different topics. Thanks to all the Flash Evangilists. You guys ROCK!